Upgrading to Newer Releases

Catsup itself is changing like any software is changing over time. Most of the changes are the nice kind, the kind where you don’t have to change anything in your site to profit from a new release.

However every once in a while there are changes that do require some changes in your site.

This section of the documentation enumerates all the changes in Catsup from release to release and how you can change your site to have a painless updating experience.

If you want to use the easy_install command to upgrade your Catsup installation, make sure to pass it the -U parameter:

$ easy_install -U catsup

Version 0.2.0

Catsup adds an cache system since 0.2.0 .

Cache files are stored in .catsup-cache folder, so if you are using git to organize your site and want to ignore the cache files, add the following line to your .gitignore file