If you are familiar with Python, it is strongly suggested that you install everything in virtualenv.

If you are using OS X , make sure you have installed the Command Line Tools .

Install using pip

Install Catsup via pip is easy

(sudo) pip install catsup

Upgrade from older version

It’s also easy to upgrade your Catsup

(sudo) pip install catsup --upgrade

Install with Git

Install with git can always have the latest code

git clone git://
cd catsup

# We use git submodules to organize out theme.
# If you don't want the default theme(current version is sealscript)
# You can skip these command.
git submodule init
git submodule update

python install

Cann’t find Python.h ?

Catsup uses misaka as the markdown engine. It requires C compiler.On Ubuntu, you may run

(sudo) apt-get install python-dev